A Hollimark Christmas for Beth

All your favorite sappy holiday movies wrapped into one big parody play full of tropes, clever references, and Christmas puns!

Inconsequential Dreams

A dramatic comedy about “adulting," grownup friendships, and finding happiness in the middle years of life— a time when life might not have turned out like you imagined, but there's still a chance to follow your dreams, if you let yourself. 

Fuzzy & Brown Bear and the Flying Fluffy Worm

Fuzzy and Brown Bear meet a “fluffy worm” whose only goal is to fly– no matter the risk. She’s willing to try anything to fly, even the inventions of a sly fox. But, with a little help from a bumbling moose, all the animals learn that sometimes patience is the best course of action.

Fuzzy & Brown Bear Go Fishing

While on a quest to catch a fish, two bears catch more than they bargained for. Along the way, they meet a sly fox, feisty crawfish, and a boy named Benny. The bears discover an adventure and new friends might outweigh any fish they catch!

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