Fuzzy & Brown Bear and the Flying Fluffy Worm

Fuzzy and Brown Bear meet a “fluffy worm” whose only goal is to fly– no matter the risk. She’s willing to try anything to fly, even the inventions of a sly fox. But, with a little help from a bumbling moose, all the animals learn that sometimes patience is the best course of action.

Fuzzy & Brown Bear Go Fishing

While on a quest to catch a fish, two bears catch more than they bargained for. Along the way, they meet a sly fox, feisty crawfish, and a boy named Benny. The bears discover an adventure and new friends might outweigh any fish they catch!

Inconsequential Dreams

How do you know when you’re happy, and can an accountant help? When Ava, a former therapist turned stay-at-home mom, and Paul, an accountant, begin discussing their lives and shared hobby, it starts to raise the suspicions of Ava’s husband, Sam, and her best friend, Lisa. Paul’s unexpected influence on Ava takes some bizarre turns, but it may not be all that bad.

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