Jimmy’s Sketches

Jimmy’s Sketches

I love writing silly little comedic sketches. My talents have been put to good use- promoting Jimmy’s Pizza of Aberdeen. Below are a few of my favorites!

What’s for Dinner?

This is the first sketch I wrote! My brother filmed it on his phone and my husband edited it.

Deals Week Infomercial

I wrote this sketch and my husband edited it. We had a blast making fun of infomercials.

The Stress-less Dinner

Thank you to John Schwab for editing and my friends at Storybook Land Theatre for sharing their acting talents! (Yes, I wrote this sketch, too. I actually wrote it two years before it was ever filmed!)

Get your Garbage Pizza!

This was filmed using a tripod and edited by my husband. I’m not actually in the garbage can, I’m standing behind it. I did, however, balance the trash can lid on my head the entire time.

Valentine’s Day

In the original version, I didn’t accept the proposal and took the pizza and ran away. We thought this version was better for Valentine’s Day.


Snow Day

Because who doesn’t want to see me get snow dumped on my head?! My husband used a shovel to pull snow off the roof onto my head while holding the camera at the same time.

Soccer Skills

A little slapstick humor never hurt anyone… at least not in this video. I directed, shot, and edited this video. We used “movie magic” to make it look like she kicked the ball and hit the apple off his head. In reality, she just stepped closer and threw the ball at the apple.