Film, Commercial, & Voiceover

Film, Commercial, & Voiceover

I prefer the stage, but have dabbled in film and commercials since 2018. Here is a visual sample of my commercial, film, and voiceover work:

Storybook Land Theatre 2020

In case you can’t tell, I’m the turtle…

Capitol Cinema Voiceover 2020

I simply lent my voice for this project.

SD State Treasury Commercial 2020

Fischgaard Film Festival 2020

I assisted with the writing/scripting of this piece, in addition to acting.

Fischgaard Film Festival 2019

Awarded Best Actress at the Fischgaard Film Festival 2019

South Dakota Film Festival 2018

Aberdeen, South Dakota Commercial 2018

This was my very first commercial. They told me to hold still for the shots. It should not surprise you I’ve been mistaken for a mannequin… twice.